ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. Used to cleanse dirt from the


hair shaft, close cuticles and add sheen.


BAA: Bad Ass Afro



BC: Big Chop. Usually referring to the cutting off chemically treated hair, leaving only


unprocessed hair behind.



Braid Out: Setting the hair with plaits or cornrows, then unraveling them, leaving hair loose.



Banding: A method of stretching hair where sections of hair are bound with several ponytail holders from root to end
Bantu Knot: Dividing hair into small section and then twisting the hair those individual sections around each other until the hair forms a knot.



Wash n’ Go: Adding gel, mousse, or another variation of a setting solution to freshly washed and conditioned hair in order to define the natural curl.



Clarify: To cleanse the hair of product or build up.



Co-Wash: A way to cleanse hair while preserving moisture, by rinsing with conditioner.



DC: Deep Conditioning



EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Knot out: Setting the hair with bantu knots, then unraveling them, leaving hair loose.



No-poo: To cleanse the hair without the use of shampoo.



Oil-Based Moisturizer: Moisturizing product with oil as the first ingredient.



Pineapple: A way of preserving curls, by banding them loosely at the crown.



PJ: Product Junkie. Referring to naturals who impulsively buy and collect hair products.



Poo: Shampoo



Pre-poo: Treating the hair before shampoo.



Protective Styling: Styling the hair in such a way that prevents damage from everyday elements.



Sealing: Closing the hair’s cuticles to keep moisture secured inside.



Shingling: To part hair in thin, long parts, resulting in the shape of the section of hair resembling a roof shingle.



Stretching: To temporarily lengthen the hair.



Transitioning: The process of growing out chemically treated hair.



TWA: Teeny Weenie Afro



Twist out: Setting the hair with two strand or flat twists, then unraveling them leaving, hair loose.



Water-Based Moisturizer: Moisturizing product with water as the first ingredient.