Kinky Quotes

Sometimes wearing your naturally curly/kinky/wavy texture gets rough, doesn’t it? On days like that, here is list of uplifting quotes that you are free to tweet, share on Facebook, write on your mirror, or just read. We hope that you benefit from these as much as we have over the years. 🙂  – Candace

(Unless otherwise noted, these quotes are written by Knotty & Nice)

Relaxer? If my fro makes you feel uncomfortable then you are the one who needs to relax. – BWWRH

We as kinky haired women do not have the option of ambiguity. Thank God.

You hair is whatever you want it to be. Think it’s sexy, sassy, or elegant? It will be. Think it’s ugly? It will oblige.

We don’t go natural, we return. Natural is where it began. -Unknown

Black women’s biggest hair problem is that they think their hair is a problem.- Unknown

New naturalistas, you have now joined the ranks of head-turning, beautiful, confident women everywhere. And we don’t take comments from the peanut gallery.

You have to know that you are totally gorgeous, and not just from the forehead down.

You will never like what’s on your head if what’s in your head is warped.

Texture does not dictate manageability. Skills do.

“You think I’m hot because I act like it!” – The Damn Salon

I don’t understand why people say that natural hair isn’t for everyone. It’s attached to your head! It doesn’t get more “for you” than that.

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar. -Raymond Lindquist

“I’m gonna make my hair stick up today just because I can.”

Rock that hair with plenty volume! NO ONE can compete with you there.

“Make whatever you were born with WORK.” -Glamour Magazine

A good woman knows how beautiful she is and won’t date somebody who doesn’t.

“I REALLY love my hair!!” -Seasame Street

“Um, excuse me, my face is DOWN HERE.”

“Your opinion is neither desired nor required.”

Natural beauty wins.

“Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.” -Les Brown

“Always act like you’re wearing an invisible crown.” -Unknown

You inspire multitudes with your curls and a smile.

They stare in awe of your curls and wonderment at your courage.

Everytime you wear those kinks and curls, you turn heads and change perceptions. Rock on curly girl.

I think I’m fabulous. Therefore, I am.

Being happy with your life is the best cosmetic.

I’m beautiful on my own.

There is no texture that NEEDS a relaxer. None.

I have a dream that beautiful black women and pretty black girls would stop messing with lyes and embrace their curls.

I LOVE being natural.

“Happy girls are the prettiest.”-Audrey Hepburn

“If you aren’t confident, it doesn’t matter what reflection you see in the mirror.”-Ross Burton

It doesn’t wash off, fade away, or grow out. This beauty is 100% MINE.

“The beauty of a girl can’t be mimicked, fabricated, or created by human means. It only occurs naturally.” -Unknown

I feel my most beautiful when I’m natural.

Some negativity comes from men. Some comes from other women. And sometimes it comes from ourselves.

If he’s afraid for you to go natural because of the way it might make HIM look, you need a new boyfriend.

Beautiful women come in all shapes, sizes, and textures.

Naturally decorated.

Confident enough to be humble. Beautiful enough to be natural.

“It’s the way we treat the hair once it’s on top of our heads that literally makes it or breaks it.”- unknown

The recipe for beauty is to have less illusion and more Soul. -Mary Baker Eddy

More people love your hair than you realize. Rock it!

Stop stressing over the opinions of others and start focusing on your opinion of yourself.

I can stop stressing about my hair growing because nothing is in it’s way anymore.

Why are you so concerned with my hair?? You know there’s a war going on?? *walks away*

Secret to “good hair”: Wash, deep condition, trim regularly, style gently. There is it.

From 1a to 4c, everyone has some type hair struggle. EVERYONE.

I carry myself with confidence because everything you see is permanent.

Deciding to be yourself is never a fad.

100% me. No preservatives. No additives. No bullshit.

I love that when I look around I only look like me.

Differences are beautiful.

Curly girls, you are stunning. No, really.

People act like Black girls are born with a little tube of relaxer & a note that says, ‘My bad.’- God.” -Jermaine B

Tressed to impress.

Many critics of kinks have problems with their own.

Haters are people who are hoping that their insecurities will rub off on you.

I don’t need relaxers, wigs, or weave. I have a BEAUTIFUL texture, which God gave to me.

I have no choice but to be confident. I am God’s creation.

“I don’t need your opinion of me. I already have one.”

God made you BEAUTIFUL! Who are YOU to refute that?

No one can rock your brand of beautiful better than you.

My hair doesn’t beautiful things that I didn’t even know it was capable of.

You have the power to change the world if you start with yourself.

Stand tall and they’ll have to look up to you.

When I went natural, I wasn’t trying to be political, rebellious, or afrocentric. Just myself.

No one should have to confirm your beauty. You’re handmade by God. There it is.

I don’t know anything about a best hair type. I just know that mine is the best for me.

The negative people often aren’t the most numerous. They’re just the loudest.

She could be hating. She could be staring,thinking, “Man, I wish my hair could do that…” And it could be both.

Love for you starts with you.

Of course your hair fits you. It’s YOURS.

It doesn’t matter if you accept me. I accept me.

God determines your beauty and YOU decide whether to accept it or not. No one else has a say.

“I know my Creator didn’t make no mistakes on me.” -India.Arie

God didn’t create you “almost” beautiful.

I got 99 problems, but my hair ain’t one.

Is it my smile that annoys you? My confidence? Or the fact that I rock my own hair better than you’re rocking someone else’s?

Let’s not mess with God’s perfect design.

The thought of a generation freed from the need for alteration makes me smile.

I have no respect for people who abuse their hair and then hate on me because I’m not.

Yea, though I walk in the valley of hot combs and lyes, I will fear no breakage, for I am natural.

I will neither relax my standards nor my hair for your approval.

God got you right the first time. You don’t have to change a thing.

You are a wonder, and that’s why they stare.

This is MY HAIR. I’m going to be this gorgeous tonight, tomorrow morning, six weeks from now, rain, shine…

I don’t need your hair. I have my own.

You will never like what’s on your head if what’s in your head is warped.

Your hair is only as stubborn as you are!

I relax my mind instead of my hair.

You have the funkiest, most unique hair in the world. Own it.