Kinky Hair


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Cannot withstand much manipulation

Most resistant to sun damage

Tight “s” or “o” shaped curls

Because of the tight curls, this hair type is the least likely to tangle

Can shrink up to 75% of actual length


How to Care for Kinky Hair

Form a routine that includes a cleanser, conditioner, moisturizer and sealer.

Your cleanser needs to be one that rids the scalp and strands of dirt, grease and other

residue, while leaving hairs natural moisture intact. Lots of women with kinky hair choose

a no-poo routine to maintain moisture, though this is not a necessity.


For the most part, those of us with kinky hair will benefit from a conditioner that adds extra

moisture to our strands. However, it is still a requirement that you get to know your hair

using trial and error. If you have damaged hair, you may need to invest in a protein rich

conditioner or one that fights certain scalp conditions. And your conditioner doesn’t have to

be store bought. Often times the best conditioners are the ones made in your kitchen! Don’t

believe us?


You know by now that kinky hair needs more moisture than other hair types, so find

yourself an everyday water based moisturizer that works for you. Afterward, use an oil

based moisturizer to seal it inside.


Kinky hair is by far the most delicate. The less you tug on and manipulate your strands, the

less breakage you’ll experience, which is the key to length retention. Here are some tips!