Curly Hair


Meet Tonesha
HAIR TYPE 3: Curly

Lots of natural volume

“S” shaped curls

Curls are well defined and have lots of bounce


How to Care for Curly Hair

Form a routine that includes a cleanser, conditioner, moisturizer and sealer. Your cleanser

needs to be one that rids the scalp and strands of dirt, grease and other residue, while

leaving hairs natural moisture intact. Lots of women with curly hair choose a no-poo routine

to maintain moisture, though this is not a necessity.


Finding the perfect conditioner takes a little more work. You’ll have to get to know your

hair to know if it needs serious damage control or simply an extra dose of moisture. And

your conditioner doesn’t have to be store bought. Often times the best conditioners are the

ones made in your kitchen! Don’t believe us?


Afterwards, find a moisturizer that works for you making sure to steer clear of petroleum

and mineral oils. They are cheap fillers that clog the pores and coat the strand preventing

it from taking in moisture.