Transitioning Hair Care

Transitioning Hair Care


Congratulations on deciding to go natural! So many wonderful things await you on your natural hair journey including


a head full of curls, sky high confidence and the option to dance in the rain (bet you haven’t done that in years!) But


first we’ve gotta give it to you straight with the good, the bad and the beautiful.




The Good: Going natural is like finally hooking up with that guy you’ve been eyeing for a while. Everything about Mr.


Wonderful and your hair for that matter will be exciting, new and amazing! So, from the moment you decide to go


natural, start treating your hair like its already natural. Since kinky hair is easily damaged when manipulated, use


minimal to no heat and lots of moisture. This will help to unveil your natural texture and show you all the things your


hair can do! Also utilize protective styles, braids, twists, etc. Not only do they safeguard your kinks, but they also


create dynamic curls that help to blend your new natural kinks with your chemically treated hair.




The Bad: Because natural hair is much stronger than chemically treated hair, the point where they meet (point of


demarcation) is extremely weak. Imagine a half cooked spaghetti noodle…Anyways, eventually those “cooked” ends


will begin to fall off giving hair an uneven, stringy appearance. Many opt for the Big Chop at this point, but if you still


need time, there’s no shame in turning to weaves for a while. It gives you a break and allows your coif to flourish with


minimal maintenance.




And guess what? Kinky hair grows! So before you know it your transitioning days will be behind you and you’ll be


staring at a head full of luscious locks and changing the standard of beauty while doing you!




And honey, that’s beautiful!




You don’t have to do it alone. Meet Michelle, our Transitioner of the Year!

Needing some encouragement or advice? We’ve got you covered there too.