Video tutorials

5  fast protective hat styles to wear this summer!


Fast and cute and seamless?? Yes and yes.

Cute, seamless pin-up for the office or more formal occasions!


This pin-up is quick and professional and is great for 4cers!


3-Strands twist out seems like it is going to be all the rage this Spring. Be a step ahead and check out how to get the look with this tutorial! Also, check out NikaNaturally on YouTube!



I had all but given up on styling these heavy yarn braids when I came across this. Check it out! If you don’t like one, try the other! Thanks GranolaHeads2010!


Check out this great method for a Wash N’ Go!

Thank you to ToniDaley80 for allowing us to feature her unique styling videos on Knotty and Nice. Stay tuned for more!

Toliet Paper Hair

This updo is SO cute and unexpected!!

Empire State of Mind Inspired Hairstyle

This naturalista shows a unique and beautiful way to use a half wig.

Funky Half- Hawk

This is so cute and easy to maintain. Check it out!

A Safe Blow-out

Blow out your hair without fear of heat damage!

Haute Couture High Bun

Thid is an edgy, easy updo that is a cute take on haute couture!

Curly Two-Strand Twists

Two-strands twists that look like curls!

Pomp n’ Poof Tutorial

This edgy, cute hairstyle takes only 5 minutes!

Super Defined Twist-Out

This tutorial shows how to get the most out of shorter, category 4 hair. Check out Naturally JessieMona’s Youtube channel for more.

2 in 1 Hairstyle: Pt. 1: The Twisted Bun

This natural shows us how to get two looks out of one style! Check out nikanaturally on YouTube for more.

2 in 1 Hairstyle: Pt. 2: Twist-out Half Poof

You don’t have to hold your breath! Part 2 is here!

Side Frenchbraid

BeautifulBrwnBabyDol shows us a unique updo that is simply beautiful and also versatile.


Faux Bun & Faux Bang Updo

Check out this super cute updo from MissGlamourGirl1992.

Short Hair Puff

Dress up your puff with some color! MissGlamourGirl1992 shows you how in this tutorial.


Doodle Curls

Ever heard of the “Doodle Method”? Neither had we! BeautifulBrwnBabyDol shows us how it’s done.


Part 1: Straw Set

Transitioning? Diimpulz shows us how to achieve great looking curls in this 2-part series.


Part 2: Straw Set

Here’s part 2 of Diimpulz straw set tutorial. Great results!