Men’s Hair Care

Men’s Hair Care 


You are a man. You have hair. Therefore, your hair is manly. And so with no further ado, here are some tips to help take care of that manly mane.

If your aim is to get long locks, realize that for anything to flourish over a long period of time a type of relationship has to be built. For you, this means you should get acquainted with your hair like you would with your lady. Know what your mane likes and doesn’t like. Learn what makes it look good and it will make you look good.

In general, all kinky hair likes moisture, doesn’t care much for handling and needs to be protected with things like braids or twists. Use these tips to start a simple regimen and hair will almost literally shoot from your head.

If you opt for a clean cut your main focus will be on the health and maintenance of your scalp which will be at the mercy of the elements. Avocado oil is highly effective in absorbing into both hair and skin and is an excellent scalp treatment. Or try using tea tree oil which has many antiseptic qualities to fight rashes or itch.